Mike Greene, Owner

“Working For Musicians “

Creating work for musicians is a fulfilling feeling. Music is an aspect of peoples lives that can heal, relieve stress and create a life time of memories.

Greener Agency is company that believes in developing relationships in the entertainment industry to help grow and sustain an artists career.

There are three divisions of Greener Agency 1. Booking Agent 2. Management 3. Promotions.

The first area of Booking Agent lets the artist focus on making music and other aspects of their career and not cold calling, visiting & emailing venues to book gigs to fill up their days… and nights.

The second area is Management. Here is where a more involved relationship between Artist and myself are established. This will be a long term partnership (if all goes as planed) Management will over see all aspects of an artist career. Guiding and giving the artist a platform to bounce ideas off of and hearing another point of view sometimes is all that is needed. Creating as many opportunities for the artist as possible to take their career as far as they wish to go.

Final area is Promotions. Here like the word states, we promote and advertise the artist to gain attention and interest in your music and performance. Todays social media as given the artist an easier time promote themselves than ever before.

Building relationships within the industry help both the artist, Greener Agency and the other party with their business as well. It’s a win win win relationship !

Contact me here. Lets Talk

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